Bird discovery tour

Céline Sciacqua
lavandevasion 2022
Céline Sciacqua
Céline Sciacqua
Céline Sciacqua
Céline Sciacqua
rue du Courtil

Let's go and discover the birds. Migratory or sedentary, we will detect their song or their cry, their function in this season as well as their approach and their name.

Detailed description

LAVANDEVASION Offer from June 20 to July 3, 2022: 10€ off under 12yo / 10% off on adult rates (mini 3h of activity).
Active listening, means of sharpening his attention and his hearing in order to perceive these musicians of nature as accurately as possible. Identification and observation in various environments. Efficient and suitable optical equipment.
Bring your binoculars and / or spotting scope as well as your bird identification guides if you have them

High-performance optical equipment at your disposal.
The hygiene rules in force must be observed (wearing a mask, distancing, washing hands, etc.)

Information and reservations with Céline SCIACQUA,

Nature educator for 25 years and having a BTA in wildlife management as well as specializations in Ornithology and more general Naturalist skills.

06 16 09 81 69


Fauna - Flora


[DURÉE sorties découverte : de 1 à 3h | Prix tout compris !]
• ENFANTS = 10€ / heure | 30€ les 3h
• ADULTES = 15€ / heure | Forfait 3h à 40€
+ Offres FAMILLES & GROUPES (sur demande)


Opening dates

Ganzjährig, täglich.



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