Bleu Citron

La ferme de Milan
La ferme de Milan
La ferme de Milan
Rue de la Bourgade

Traditional and contemporary glazed earthenware, made entirely by hand in our workshops in Moustiers and Montagnac, with colored clays and metallic oxides.

Detailed description

Our potteries, always made according to traditional handcrafted methods, are creations inspired by ancient models, or current forms and decorations in bright colors and a mischievous spirit.

Jugs, bowls, salad bowls, mugs... With abstract, floral and character designs, all based on traditional metal oxides or in beautiful bright colors. The leitmotiv of the workshop is to create perpetually and with passion, this passion which also allows us to marvel each time a creation comes out of the oven, all in shapes and colors.


Opening dates

Vom 01/04 bis 05/11/2024.



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