Exposition "Tentatives d’antidotes contre la morosité ambiante"


From 27/05 to 02/07/2023, daily.

Place de l'Ancien Presbytère

From 27 May to 2 July 2023 at the Galerie de l'Ancien Presbytère, exhibition "Tentatives d'antidotes contre la morosité ambiante" by Caroll Bertin and Yves Nioré.

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For a long time now, Nioré and Caroll Bertin have lived and worked side by side, far from the world, on a mountain in haute Provence. An arid land that they have replanted year after year, shaping a place of life and creation that is inseparable from their work, as it is from their family: their microclimate. The weather is often beautiful and funny. And every season in their workshops, new forms appear, in materials, in volumes, in colours. It is uncontrollable.


Free entry.

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