The Moustiers-Sainte-Marie Office undertakes to :


- To get to work on foot, by bike or by car-pool if possible
- Car-pooling for business trips (meetings, training, etc.)
- To encourage the use of video-conferencing for meetings in order to limit unnecessary transport
- Prefer to use local suppliers to limit the environmental impact of transport.


- Turn on only the lights you need if daylight is insufficient, and turn them off when you leave.
- Use low-energy light bulbs
- Use rechargeable batteries
- Only switch on computers that are being used
- Moderate heating and air-conditioning temperatures
- at the end of the workday, we remember to turn off the lights, computers and photocopiers, and to lower the heating or turn it off...


- Favour recycled or recyclable consumables (cartridges, paper, paper clips rather than staplers, mechanical pencils rather than pencils, etc.).
- Download documents rather than print them
- Use the paper on the front of my printouts as drafts and use them in the default printer
- Give preference to black and white double-sided printing in draft quality
- Be careful about document formats to limit printing
- for large quantities, commit to photocopying rather than printing, it's more economical

- Reuse reverse pockets and envelopes for in-house management
- instead of Post'it notes, we use a Velleda slate or scrap paper
- for signage, we avoid tape and use cork boards with pins or magnetic boards with magnets
- Scan the press and store it in the common, I avoid photocopies and paper filing


- Accurately assess the number of print runs required and those that are discarded in order to reduce costs and waste
- Ensure that the printing supplier has obtained an environmental label or certification
- Avoid printing documents that duplicate existing ones
- Don't over-order documentation at exchange fairs
- Evaluate orders through good stock management
- Offer dematerialised information as often as possible
- Send an email with a personalised response rather than systematically sending brochures
- Encourage partners to visit the Office's website to find and download information.


- Use a reusable cup and spoon and avoid plastic or cardboard cups and stirrers
- Remember to turn off your coffee machine after use
- Drink tap water and avoid bottled water.

- Think about selective sorting by using the appropriate bins and containers.
- Use durable products (towels, cloths, etc.) rather than disposable ones (wipes, hand towels, etc.).
- Use eco-labelled products for cleaning


- Encourage visitors to take only the documentation they need (display units)
- at the bottom of emails, we specify "do not print this email if not necessary".
- Encourage people around you, partners, visitors, etc. to behave in an eco-citizen way
- Supporting and raising awareness of sustainable development among social-pro (insert "think of the planet" in the commitments in the Partner's Guide, highlighting our partners' sustainable development commitments on our website in the description of their activity,
- Share and promote events linked to environmental protection, such as ATOM's clean-up of the Gorges du Verdon.
- Wherever possible, influencing the choices made by local authorities (public transport, environmental, economic and social strategy, etc.).