Destination Verdon

A unic remarquable site in Europe


Verdon country

Spreading across the departments of the Var and the Alps of Haute Provence, the Regional Natural Park of the Verdon stretches over more than 180,000 hectares.

Created in 1997, the park contains over 46 municipalities (including Moustiers, at the center) and seven different type of landscapes (each more beautiful than the last):

  • Valensole's Plateau
  • lakes and mountains
  • the lower gorges of the Verdon
  • the lake of Sainte-Croix
  • l’Artuby
  • the gorges of the Verdon
  • the hills of the Haut Var

A few distances :

> Moustiers - La Palud : 20 km
> Moustiers - Castellane : 45 km
> Moustiers - Aiguines : 15 km
> Aiguines - Trigance : 34 km
> La Palud - Route des Crêtes : 20 km (loop)


 This diversity of ecosystems gives the park a rich and varied patrimony: vultures, bats, mountain goats, roebucks and endemic flora. This typical land has contributed to the shaping of landscapes by humans.

Mission of Verdon regional natural park

The missions of the park are to enable these natural and human treasures to live in harmony and balance, while preserving them and making them known to the general public. The Park assists the institutional partners in land planning projects, development, environmental education and valorisation of heritages.

The Maison du Parc, located outside the village, is an exceptional source of information on the activities and treasures of the Verdon.