The legend of the star


Why this star ?

Moustiers evokes the Nativity scene: confined between two rock ledges, a star dominates the village from a great height...

According to Frédéric Mistral, the star is an ex-voto dedicated to Saint Mary, and put there by the knight Blacas when he came back alived from the Crusades, to pay tribute to the Virgin.

Other versions talk about love stories, the Three Kings or Chivalry... Although many versions exist about the origin of the star none have been verified. The mystery remains total on the origin and meaning of the star above Moustiers…
The star we see today was made in 1957. It is the eleventh to hang above the Way of the Coss. In 1995 it was covered in gold leaves after its fall and placed back above Moustiers.
The size of the star, which originally had five points, has changed over time from 30 to 1.80 cm. Today it mesures 1.25cm, the chain is 135 m long and it weighs 150kg all together. 

Etoile de Moustiers-Sainte-Marie  

The dawn mass

On the 8th of September, day of the Nativity of the Virgin, the Dawn Mass (5 am) brings all of Moustiers and the surrounding villages together to walk up the hill to the sanctuary, in procession lead by the Diane (Moustiers’ musical group). It finishes with a traditional local breakfast served on the church square at 6 am.