Arts and Crafts from Moustiers


Moustiers-Sainte-Marie has always been a land of potters and artists.

The art of ceramics has evolved considerably in Moustiers since the Middle Ages. We then only manufactured glazed earth objects, in natural shades of green and brown.

Even today, passionate craftsmen work and shape the earth according to their ideas.

We invite you to find on this page all the artists and craftsman, including ceramics, cutlery, art glassware or even painting, present in the town of Moustiers-Sainte-Marie.

Crédits photos pour les portraits : Andrea Marino


Sylvie Alès



L’atelier Sylvie Alès was set up in 1989 and changed its name to La Mostra in 1997.

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Aurélie Barroo-Micheletta



Aurélie and Luc chose Moustiers-Sainte-Marie in 2012

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Martial Baudey



After working in the ceramics trade in Greece and Switzerland, Martial set up shop in Moustiers in 1979.

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Isabelle et Vania Fine



In 1976, Georgina Fine moved to Moustiers and set up her workshop, l’Atelier Fine.

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Johann Fine et Béatrice Devos



As is common in the faïence trade, businesses are often family-run which is precisely the case for the Fine family.

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Isabelle Merlet

Isabelle Merlet graduated as an artist from L’Académie Julian in Paris.

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Mylène Nordez et Pascal Parmentier

Mylène and Pascal’s daily creations include jewellery (whose design is based on the number 3), postcard cut-outs and paintings inspired from oriental art.

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Serge Sabatier



You would never guess that, one day, Serge Sabatier was going to become a faïence artist.

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Mikaël Trocherie



Mikaël knows all there is to know about the art of knife-making.

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