Verdon Coutellerie

verdon 11 cm friction loupe d'if lame damas
verdon 11 cm cran force loupe de buis lame damas
l'écureuil cran forcé loupe de red gum lame damas
Verdon Coutellerie
Ferme de Vincel

Present at fairs and markets and in various points of sale. Sale at the workshop- according to availability of the craftsman (04 92 75 40 82)

Creator and exclusive manufacturer of the regional knives "Le Verdon", "Le Blacas" and "La Lavandine". (*Registered designs)


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Detailed description

I am, Mikaël Trocherie, Craftsman Cutter Creator, graduated from Thiers in 1996.

Passionate about Le Verdon, I created and I manufacture, exclusively, the regional "Le Verdon *" and "Le Blacas *" knives, which are * Models and brands registered with the I.N.P.I.

I offer the sale of my knives, in my workshop, on fairs and markets as well as in various points of sale. The complete list is available on my website.

I am usually present at local fairs and markets, from April to the end of October, including Friday mornings in Moustiers-Sainte-Marie (04360), Wednesday and Saturday mornings in Riez (04500). You will find the complete list on my website.

My creations are original knives, which I manufacture in Art Cutlery and Artisanal Cutlery.

The blades are mainly made of 12C27 stainless steel from Sandvik, which provides high cutting quality. I also use carbon steel, XC75, from Bonpertuis, or carbon steel or stainless steel damask, depending on your request.

The handles are mainly, in noble woods from Provence and elsewhere, but also made in noble, rare, exceptional materials, such as, horn, deer antler and
reindeer, mother-of-pearl, fossil mammoth ivory, etc ... as well as in synthetic materials.

You can discover my work, at my workshop (excluding fairs, markets and deliveries on 04 92 75 40 82), named Verdon Coutellerie, on the Vénascle plateau, which is located behind the village of Moustiers-Sainte-Marie or on its website, as well as in various points of sale.

The two main models, which I have created and which I manufacture, are: Le Verdon * (The regional knife of Verdon) and the Blacas *, (the regional knife of Moustiers-Sainte-Marie).

Following my experience, over 20 years, I offer you the sharpening / sharpening of your pocket, kitchen and table knives, as well as secateurs, axes etc ..., on fairs and markets and at my workshop.

In my workshop, and at fairs and markets, payments are possible, in cash or by check.


Moyens de paiement :
Bank/credit card

Opening dates

Sale in the workshop, excluding fairs, markets and deliveries on 04 92 75 40 82



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