Lac de Sainte-Croix
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Look up to admire this large expanse of water, straight out of the largest canyon in Europe, at the foot of the Valensole Plateau, in the Verdon region, bordered by villages of character.

Sainte-Croix lake from every angle


Flying like a griffon vulture

Who has never dreamed of flying, of feeling as light as a bird and of looking down on the world? Since the end of the 90's, the Verdon is populated by large raptors such as the black vultures and the griffon vultures. Would you like to join them to watch what's going on below? Two paragliding schools in Moustiers-Sainte-Marie offer you to live this dream. Roc'N Vol and Verdon Passion.

Lac de Sainte-Croix

Crédit photo : Verdon Passion

Lac de Sainte-Croix

Crédit photo : Roc N'Vol

Starting points

Two schools offer you to fly over Moustiers-Sainte-Marie from Courchon. Once in the air you will see the Verdon territory with One of the Most Beautiful Villages of France at your feet, its chapel Notre Dame de Beauvoir between the two rocky peaks. You will also admire Vénascle Plateau, the Montdenier mountain range as well  as the Sainte-Croix lake in the distance with the whole valley that follows the Valensole Plateau.


Depending on the season

You can fly at any time of the year, in any season. Spring when nature wakes up : if you have a sharp eye, you can see the almond trees in bloom on the Plateau de Valensole. In summer, when the plateau is in its most beautiful lavender color, known to all. In autumn, when the colors of the surrounding forests become bright and flamboyant. In winter, when everything is calm, time seems to have stopped, the time of your flight.

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Lac de Sainte Croix


La Cadeno is a leisure base located on one of the most beautiful sites of the Sainte-Croix Lake. On one of the biggest lake of France, hidden from the Galetas Bridge and the entrance of the Verdon Gorges, it is a little paradise. In a family and friendly atmosphere, La Cadeno will know how to transport you by the activities it offers or just relax in the sun, thanks to the rental of deckchairs.