Moustiers-Sainte-Marie : an exceptional destination

Le Parc Naturel Régional du Verdon, l’UNESCO Géoparc de Haute-Provence… La "crèche provençale" de Moustiers s’inscrit dans ces deux sublimes & incomparables territoires !

Moustiers-Sainte-Marie is in the heart of Verdon Natural Park and UNESCO Géoparc. This article will help you understand better the lanscapes that surround you to discover our territory.

In the middle of Verdon Natural Park.

It’s not a coincidence if the House of the Natural Parc was settled in Moustiers. The geographic position in which we are is centralized : we are a couple of minutes away from the Verdon Gorges, the Lower gorges, Valensole’s Plateau, the lakes and hills of Le Var department. These landscapes represent many visit options.


The Park assets are its heritage, landcapes, natural resources (the water of course, but many more !), its iconics sites… « it isn’t a territory but a continent ».
7 landcapes in the Natural Park

Carte du Parc Naturel Régional du Verdon & ses 7 paysages 

Moustiers-Sainte-Marie was listed as « One of the Most Beautiful of France » and « Cités et Villages de Caractère » because of its history, heritage and natural beauty. Today, it kind of became the capital of Verdon territory.


But Moustiers it is also an agricultural land, where olive trees, lavender and wheat grow and where shepards walk. Named «cité de la faïence» ('earthenware city') because of an acestral art, the village has been recognized for its craft and local know-how.


Le pont du Galetas, où le lac de Sainte-Croix et les gorges du Verdon se rencontrent ! 

Le belvédère de Plein Voir offre un superbe panorama !


Some sites are only accessible by foot. For exemple « Plein Voir », a ridge with a view down the canyon. For some you have to walk a long time, for others not so much. You could also take your car and drive a few minutes towards Le Galeta Bridge to have a look inside the Verdon Gorges.

You know now that coming inside the Natural Parc will allow you to discover authentic villages: a lake and a river of turquoise water and an exceptional natural site. But so much more possibilities exist… !


and the Haute-Provence UNESCO Géoparc

Moustiers realy IS under a good star as it is not only in the middle of the Natural Parc but also in the Haute-Provence UNESCO Géoparc !

The Géoparc represents territories with unique geological aspects. They are backed up by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization). In France we have 9 géoparcs. Ours was created in 2000 and is the oldest.  


UNESCO's main goal is to protect and preserve the geological heritage of one territory. Today it also helps with promotion and entertainment domains.


Its situation in Alpes de Haute Provence department represents 60 districts and covers 1989km² of land - sometimes Alps mountains, sometimes Provence. It is a mix of several identities in terms of landscapes, cultures, food and traditions.


Un paysage typique de la "Route des saveurs, des galets et des lavandes" de l'UNESCO Géoparc de Haute-Provence 

The city of Digne-les-Bains is concidered to be the Géoparc’s crib. Indeed, it houses « le Musée Promenade », Museum of the UNESCO Géoparc, but Moustiers-Sainte-Marie geographic position also offers a large possibility to discover the colourful and contrasted landscapes of Haute-Provence Géoparc. From there you could drive aroud 5 Géoparc thematic roads. For example : «Pebbles, lavander and savoury road».

Les routes de découverte de l'UNESCO Géoparc de Haute-Provence 

Situated south of the UNESCO Géoparc, this road brings you on a 2 milion years old ground, across olive trees and lavender. Throughout the trip you will have the possibility to discover other sites :


You can also drive around the other 4 thematic roads !
With the Haute-Provence Geoparc discovery map, visitors can take their time to make the best of their trip inside Alpes de Haute Provence department. They will discover every little detail and learn about its history, geology and so on… You will need approximatly one day for each road, to go round and visit the villages you will be crossing. Maybe you will stop for a stroll or hike longer in the nature.




Leave for a unique adventure throughout Haute-Provence iconic sites and heritage, inside somptuous landscapes !

Le Vélodrome d'Esclangon : lun des plus beaux panoramas géologiques de l'UNESCO Géoparc de Haute Provence

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