the grotesque pride

La firté Grotesque

From 05/05 to 30/11/2019 between 10 am and 6 pm.
Closed on Tuesday.

Rue du Seigneur de la Clue

From May 5 to November 30, 2019, discover the exhibition "The Grotesque Pride" by Jérôme Galvin at the Moustiers-Sainte-Marie Faience Museum.

04 92 74 61 64
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Detailed description

The grotesques are the decorations that completely covered the walls of the apartments of Rome of the 1st century BC This decor consists of illusionist architectures, scenes with characters, landscapes, windings of foliage that replace the columns , candelabra formed of tempietti, canopies composed of windings of leaves and flowers, fantastic figures, half human, half animal, which are born of foliage.

"The tradition interests me only if it is transcribed in the contemporary world."
It is through this world that Jerome revisits, revisits, reinvents the grotesques through these pieces of ceramics.


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