"L'illustre aventure ou les amoureux vagabonds" - Masked theater for the whole family

Cie Itinérante La Passerelle
Cie Itinérante La Passerelle
Cie Itinérante La Passerelle
Cie Itinérante La Passerelle

Thursday 18 August 2022 at 9 pm.

Place de l'Eglise

Thursday August 18, 2022 at 9 p.m. on the Place de l'Eglise, come and discover the unforgettable story of Assia and Sofian, two lovers who will stand the test of time
to meet. Love, enthusiasm and fantasy will be there to bring it to fruition,
the "Illustre Aventure".

Detailed description

A troupe of actors from a distant land tells the unforgettable story of Assia and Sofian.
Two lovers who will cross time to find each other.
Love, enthusiasm and fantasy will be there to carry out the Illustrious Adventure or the Vagabond Lovers.

The rumor :
-they will be afraid
-not at all
- no one has ever seen the fear in their eyes
-Assia and Sofian will run away
- where will they go
-at the end of the world
two united hearts that take to flight make a palace out of a cottage.
They trod the ground with such dexterity that they didn't make the slightest sound.
If we said they didn't even breathe until they left the neighborhood, that would almost be true.

And Liliom concludes:
I don't read the future in the lines of the hands or the tea leaves.
I look through people, deep down, into what they hide from others and from their own hearts. It's up to them to understand...

Notes during creation:
Learning to understand life… probably this precept will never get old.
I deeply believe in sincerity, in the dignity of work, in its morality.
I am thinking of a fundamental moral attitude towards existence, of a responsibility to live with others alongside others.
Together in the service of a work, with generosity and enthusiasm.
With the will to translate and transpose, to offer freely.
Trust what we can provide.
The stage, our theater stage will tell us what must exist

They are there:
Assia, Sofian, Tartuffe, Dorine, Mariane, …
All these characters who travel through time, lead us into the marvelous and paradoxically speak to us about today's world.
The show is constructed in short tableaux, mixing the text and the music in such a way that one can enter each tableau from different places, whether through the visual, the text or the feeling.

A motto: to involve the spectator in the present of the performance, that he feels concerned by what he is told and that he takes on the role of an active spectator (apparent backstage, actors in the service of the story, who are characters then stage servants, changes of scenes and characters at sight, musical ensemble that supports and punctuates the events).

To discover: the report of the Arte channel on the Company:

Organized by the Traveling Company La Passerelle & the Tourist Office of Moustiers-Ste-Marie


Free of charge. A "hat" will be at your disposal at the end of the performance.