Outdoor Cinema : " Bullet Train" !

Bullet Train

Friday 19 August 2022 at 9.30 pm.

Rue du Seigneur de la Clue

2022 19th August at 9:30pm
Open-air cinema session in the Primary School courtyard
In French : " Bullet Train"
No subtitles

Detailed description

Ladybug is a down-on-his-luck assassin and uniquely determined to complete her new mission peacefully after too many of them have gone off the rails. But fate has decided otherwise and takes him on the fastest train in the world alongside formidable adversaries who all have one thing in common, but whose interests diverge radically... He must then try by all means to get off the train.

Prohibited for children under 12

Trailer : https://bit.ly/3HWkMvd

Organized by the Cinéma de Pays


One price: 5 €.

5€ for all
No reservation
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