Exhibition in Moustiers-Sainte-Marie

From Sunday 9 October to 6 November 2022 at the Galerie de l'Ancien Presbytère
Objectifs Subjectifs : Mariane Verley & Roland Allard : Photographers



From 9 October to 6 November, the Galerie de l'Ancien Presbytère, in Moustiers-Sainte-Marie, plunges you into the photographic universe of Mariane Verley and Roland Allard.

"In order to carry out this work, mixing our views with those of the other has become the cornerstone of our choices. This choice of the glance of one by the other authorizing us to present you "as washed of the memories which are attached to it" a series of photographs and rich souls crossed with the wire of our courses. Encounters that we hope will transport you from one universe to another. Mariane and Roland.

Open every day except Tuesday, from 10am to 12:30pm and from 2pm to 6pm.

 From July 9th to October 30th 2022 at Galerie de la Bourgade,

Timothée Humbert’s Ceramics : Dreamlike Grotesques


From July 9th to October 30th, 2022, the Galerie de la Bourgade, in Moustiers- Sainte-Marie, immerses you in the world of Timothée Humbert, between dream, poetry and nightmare, tinged with humor and irony. In addition to a perfect mastery of the balance between construction of forms and spontaneity of gesture, the work of Timothée Humbert reveals his patient work of experimentation, without limit, on the effects of texture and his appetite for clay, in all categories.

 From August 10th to October 20th 2022 at Galerie de la Mostra,

Céramique & Métal by Océane Madelaine