Exhibition in Moustiers-Sainte-Marie

crédit photo: Philippe Murtas

Find on this page all the exhibitions that take place in the Provencal village of Moustiers-Sainte-Marie in 2020. Exhibitions at the Gallery of the Old Presbytery but also the Museum of Ceramics.

Museum of Ceramics

From 10th may to 30th november : "Different ways of looking"


From May 10 to November 30, 2020, discover the exhibition "Different ways of looking" by Joëlle Swanet at the Moustiers-Sainte-Marie Ceramics Museum.

 THE OTHER’S LOOK is necessary for socialization. This formatting varies from culture to culture and can sometimes be oppressive. Breaking free from it can even be dangerous, depending on where you live.

But MY OWN LOOK can also be a prison in which I lock myself: coming to consider a situation from various angles allows different answers. Our choices guide our responses and our actions and they are what shape our future.
Some sculptures, which I call “clay writings”, can be positioned in different ways, each time giving rise to other images in the viewer’s gaze, such as when looking at the clouds in the sky. Light and shadow multiply perceptions. It is a metaphor for the human capacity to modify the prism through which we perceive reality and therefore its impermanence.
It is in this tremendous ability to have MULTIPLE LOOKINGS that our freedom lies.

About Joëlle Swanet : «A Belgian and French based ceramic artist who produces fluid and gravity defying ceramic pieces. Her extraordinary work takes ceramics far past its comfort zone. Her work has to be seen to be believed”. Cit. John Hopper, in Inspirational (digital review), nr 33.
Joëlle Swanet is member of the International Academy of Ceramics, Professor of Ceramic Technology and "Slow Throwing". Her approach is strongly influenced by her multiple stays in the Far East: her technical mastery is at the service of an artistic expression since all her sculptures are born on a potter's wheel.

"Galerie de l'Ancien Presbytère"

Paintings exhibition " Selva Cubana " by Luis RAMONDI from 2th to 31th May 2020 is canceled


Luis Ramondi paints in oil the sylve (selva) of his island, exuberant, colorful, populated by birds, butterflies and other small animals, on canvases generally of large format (100 X 150 approximately).