Fishing in the sainte-croix lake

Pêche dans le Verdon

Publié le 30/09/2020

Sainte-Croix lake is a few minute away from Moustiers-Sainte-Marie. With more than 2200 hectares, it is a playground for fishing lovers. Take your fishing rods and follow us into those turquoise waters to learn more about that activity.

Where to buy your fishing licence ?

To fish in the Sainte-Croix Lake you need a licence. Good news : the Tourist Office can sell you this licence. Whever you’re a local or just passing through, you will find a licence that meets your need : daily, weekly or annual ; for minors or adults, … You just need to push open our door and we will answer your questions.



Office de Tourisme de Moustiers

Can kids practice fishing in the Verdon ?

Yes he can. From 12 to 18 years old, a 22€ licence is available. It will allow your children to fish for a year in 91 french departments. Ask for a map of these departments at the Tourist Office.
If your child is under 12 years old, you can buy him a 7€ licence to fish for a year in the same 91 french departments.



What fishes can you catch in Sainte-Croix lake ?

Fishing in Sainte-Croix’s lake you will find mostly roaches, European perches, Northen pikes and common bleaks. You may also catch a lake trout or a tenches. And if you’re lucky, you will find carps, gudgeons (gobio gobio) or zanders.
Beware : you won’t catch a fish each time you cast your rod. You have to learn to be patient to catch a fish. This vertue is the fisherman vertue…



Crédit photo : La Truite Moustierenne

Regulation in Sainte-Croix’s lake

You can fish all year in Sainte-Croix’s lake but not for all the species. Each fish species has its own regulation period to protect them during spawning. Since 2020, you can fish predatory fish in temporary reserve zones except for the 2nd Saturday of March until the 2nd Friday of June. Reserve zones are at Maïre’s cove, Galetas’s cove and Repentance’s cove. For more information about fishing regulation you can check pê website. It tells everything about authorized length, numbers and places. It will also give you details on where to launch if you have your own fishing boat.


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carte de réglementation pour pêcher au lac de sainte croix

At what time can I fish in the Verdon ?

You can start fishing 30 minutes before the sun rises and stop 30 minutes after it sets. Page 10 of the Fishing Guide are the authorized time lines. Don’t hesitate to look at it when you come to the Tourist Office or to download it.


Pêche Nature activity

From April to September Alpes de Haute Provence fishing memberships offer discovery outings to learn about fishing and aquatic environments. To suscribe you have to be over 8 years old, fullfil a registration form and own a valid licence.

La Truite Moustiérenne, Moustiers membership, offers fishing activities for children up to 12 years old, all year long at Sainte-Croix’s lake.



Fishing trouts in the Verdon

Different acces inside the Verdon will bring you to unforgettable sites to fish lake trouts. From La Maline, you can reach the river and l’Estellier footbridge. Beware, you are now on a trekking path inside Europe highest canyon. You need to be well equiped.

Once you have reach the river, you can enjoy a beautiful panorama. With the cliffs above your head, you may see Griffon vultures flying. Get to work ! It’s time to catch a brown trout or a lake trout, swimming up from Sainte-Croix’s lake. It the river flow is quiet, be discreet to not scare the fish away.

Be extremely cautious when in the canyon’s depth. Hydropower dams can release water anytime and the river level can rise rapidly. To know more, you can contact EDF (Electricity of France) : +33 (0)4 92 83 69 07. Every evening at 5:00, EDF informs you of these releases on their website.

You could also go trout fishing at Carajuan bridge, where the river is easier to access. You can park alongside the road. During summer, tourist enjoy other kind of activities on this part of the river. You will have to come early (not more than 30 minutes before the sun rises) or later during the day (not less than 30 minutes after the sun sets) to enjoy a quiet river.


Where to fish in Alpes de Haute Provence ?

As we just saw, you can fish in the Verdon River. But this isn’t the only river to do this type of activity in Alpes de Haute Provence. L’Asse, not to far from us, can make you happy if you’re looking to fish brown trouts.

L’Ubaye, one of our department nicest river, in a preserved nature, has an excellent reputation for any species. You could also try Serre-Ponçon lake.

 Why go fishing ?

Let’s end this article with all fishing benefits. It is an activity you can do alone, with friends or family ; it helps with relaxation soi t is good for your cardiovascular system. You have to be patient and learn to wait, in a world where everything go fast. It helps to travel, to discover new sites and landscapes. It helps your health as it favours fish for dinner ! It will help you enjoy nature. With all of that, we are now waiting for you to come to us and get your fishing licence.


canne à pêche


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