Climbing in the Verdon Gorges

Le Verdon : l’un des spots d’escalade les plus incontournables au Monde !

The cliffs of the canyon represent 1500 equiped climbing possibilities fused in a unique and magnificient landscape. From begginers to big rock climbs, it is a major site and a paradise for climbing lovers throughout the world !

moniteur d'escalade dans les Gorges du Verdon

escalade dans les Gorges du Verdon

un grimpeur dans les Gorges du Verdon

Famous for some of its difficult routes, the Verdon Gorges aren’t just for high rank climbers. Today’s equipment made accessible some of these routes. You can climb very high or low routes, everyone should be able to find an adventure that suits him !

Moreover, the Mediteranean climate makes the Verdon Gorges accessible almost all year long : from spring to fall (beware of the weather, the start and the length of the route, the orientation of the sun…).

La Palud-sur-Verdon is the village for most of legendary starts but you can also be satisfied with routes in Moustiers-Sainte-Marie or the Left Side of the canyon at Aiguines. Easy or difficult, the routes are breathtaking too.

Climbing instructors in the Verdon Gorges

Wether you are alone, with your family or your friends, if you are looking for an instructor for a few hours or for training sessions, you can find someone to help you improve your skills. ↓

The must do in the Verdon Gorges : paper guides

2 guides can help you find the information you are looking for :

-    « Verdon 2017 – 52 years and 520 climbing routes » for the Right Side of the canyon. This is the 3d edition of the Department Comity for the Mountain Climbing French Federation. Its presents 520 routes with detailed information.

-    « Climbin in Aiguines – Left Side of the Canyon » for the Left Side. It presents climing routes around the canyon entrance and the village of Aiguines : the Galetas Bridge, Illoire pass, Haut-Vernis…


Les deux topos d'escalade incontournables des Gorges du Verdon : rive droite et rive gauche !

To have a better look inside the multiple climbing possibilities, you can browse on FFME website or other specialized sites such as and

activités escalade Gorges du Verdon

falaises des Gorges du Verdon

corde d'escalade

Climbing : for the young ones and the more experienced !

If you want your kids to learn about this practice, you can contact 2 of our partners. They offer easy routes, adventure tree climbing, via cordata, ziplines…


For an other kind of experience, you can also try Digne-les-Bains Via Ferrata. Access from the city center. Composed of 2 routes.


via cordata Gorges du Verdon

Via Ferrata du « Rocher de Neuf Heures » de Digne-les-Bains

Via Ferrata du « Rocher de Neuf Heures » de Digne-les-Bains

Take note of the sensible paths inside the Verdon Gorges ! Birds are nesting against the cliffs. It is important to keep on preserving their species. A list has been writen by LPO (the Bird protecting league) and the Natural Park to protect and preserve endanger species in our territory.

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