Offrez vous un vol biplace découverte depuis Moustiers pour un splendide baptême en parapente ! (©Roc N Vol)

Located at the crossroads between the Verdon gorges, Lake Sainte-Croix and the Valensole plateau, our remarkable village of Moustiers-Sainte-Marie is a privileged spot for the practice of aerial sports!
A sky of an incredible clearness, ideal aerological conditions with a sun shining more than 300 days / year (!) Take advantage of the assets of our territory and realize superb flights in paragliding, hot-air balloon or practice various activities in the air.



Paragliding in Moustiers

(©Verdon Passion) ©Verdon Passion

 (©La Palud sur Verdon on Visualhunt)
©La Palud sur Verdon on Visualhunt

(©Verdon Passion)©Verdon Passion 

You will find 2 instructors in our village. Initiations, tandem flights for a discovery of the activity, improvement courses... Whatever your level of practice, Roc N Vol and Verdon Passion allow you to fly all year round (depending on weather conditions), in complete safety, thanks to the two take-off sites* in our village ! ↓

* Courchon : ~1.5 km walking distance from the upper parking lot in Moustiers.

* Montdenier : above Courchon, ~1.5 km walking distance from the plateau of Vénascle.

+ Free Flight in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence


You wish to extend your stay in our department and continue to practice Free Flight ? → Discover all the take-off and landing sites in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence region that have been approved by the FFVL (Fédération française de vol libre), as well as the rules of good conduct, advice on safety, rescue and aerology, etc., by consulting the following leaflet:



&... Consult the page of the website of the "Réseau Fédéral de Balises Météo" dedicated to our territory of Moustiers-Sainte-Marie to make sure that the climatic conditions allow you to practice in autonomy in full safety !


Provence in a hot air balloon

(©Gap-tallard Fly&Dream) Crédits photos : ©Alpsud Montgolfière

©Alpsud Montgolfière

From the plateau of Valensole enjoy the unforgettable experience of a "Flight in Provence" in a hot air balloon with our partner Alpsud Montgolfière.

Leave for a « journey between lavender and truffle oak forests. During this peaceful adventure you will float with the currents. Time stops. Indeed, the silence of the flight will allow you to be lulled by the song of the cicadas and to appreciate the fullness of the moment ».


Other aerial activities in the Verdon Park and in the Southern Alps...

 ©Gap-tallard Fly&Dream
Crédits photos : ©Gap-tallard Fly&Dream

©Gap-tallard Fly&Dream

you can turn to the instructors and partners of the center Gap - Tallard Fly & Dream for various other beautiful aerial activities to be carried out from the airfields of Puimoisson or Vinon-sur-Verdon...
Follow the link below to know more about the tiltrotor or microlight flights offered: Fligh in the Verdon -Valensole


Fly & Dream can also allow you to live the following experiences from the airfield of Gap - Tallard or the one of Briançon Valley (Hautes-Alpes) : skydiving, helicopter, glider, autogyro...


+ Bungee jumping from the "highest bridge in Europe"!

For all those who are "not afraid of heights", the company Latitude Challenge offers you to "take the plunge" from the Artuby bridge, located in the Var, between the villages of Aiguines and Trigance. If you want to "take off for 182 m of adrenaline", you can book this activity with our partner, the Verdon specialist agency  !

©Latitude Challenge 
©Latitude Challenge

©Turkinator on VisualHunt 
©Turkinator on VisualHunt


➕ Follow our little guide to make sure you respect the "fragile natural spaces of our territory"!