Moustiers Bike Services

Moustiers Bike Services
Moustiers Bike Services
Vélo Loisir Provence
Domaine du Petit Lac
Route des Salles-sur-Verdon

Find us at the Petit Lac in Moustiers-Sainte-Marie for walks in the heart of Provence. Come rent your electric bike, alone or with your family.
Repair workshop for all brand bikes!

"Accueil Vélo" : Fahrrad-Service

Detailed description

Rental of electrically assisted bicycles for the whole family (electric assistance from 1.30m / unassisted child bike from 6 years old)

From comfortable all-terrain bikes to full-suspension mountain bikes, for those who love nature trails.

Want to discover the most beautiful landscapes off the beaten track?
We offer guided walks with a state-certified guide!100% personalisierte Kurse, unabhängig von Ihrem Niveau.


Services :
Mountainbike Vermietung
Verleih Elektrofahrräder


- Kinderfahrrad ab 10 € (20 € pro Tag)
- Elektrisch unterstütztes VTC ab 25 € (25 € pro Tag)
- Elektro-Mountainbike ab 25 € (45 € pro Tag)
- Kinderwagen ab 10 € (15 € pro Tag)
- Babytrage ab 5 € (7 € pro Tag)
- Transporttasche ab 2 € (3 € pro Tag)

Abnehmende Preise je nach Anzahl der Tage.

Opening dates

Open all the year