Exhibition : Meeting between Ceramics and Gres

Valérie Le Metayer
Yaël Dansault
Valérie Le Metayer
Yaël Dansault
Valérie Le Metayer
Yaël Dansault
Valérie Le Metayer
Yaël Dansault

Vom 01/05 bis 26/05/2019.
Montag geschlossen.

Place de l'Ancien Presbytère

From May 1st to May 26th, come and attend the first exhibition of the year. A meeting, between Faience and Grès by Valérie Le Metayer and Yaël Dansault.
Two visions, two artists, a collaboration for a perfect symbiosis of the elements.

Detailed description

alerie the Métayer
Trained in the art of "big fire" in Moustiers-Sainte-Marie, Valérie LE METAYER founded in 1985 the workshop "Les Delphinades" and specialized in the decorations of the Dauphiné heritage of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

The same know-how tells the heritage and transposes on the current world. The LES DELPHINALES workshop is one of the few to still produce earthenware decorated with a brush on raw enamel.
Today, the decorations made with a brush on raw enamel have been enriched with personal motifs.
Since 2016, the establishment at the edge of the Medieval Hall at La Côte Saint André has stimulated the creation of very diverse, colorful and contemporary motifs, inspired by nature and music.

Yaël dansault
"The choice to work with ceramics seems to stem from a past and roots closely tied to the earth and the transformations of matter. The respect of a technique and of hand-made gestures and the acceptance of the hazards occurring during the making constitute my guidelines of the workshop.

All my pieces are made of sandstone, some begin to be worked on the lathe and then reshaped, the others are assembled thanks to assembled clay plates; my volumes are hollow, built around the void.
In response to the harshness of our news, my work is part of a poetic and serene dimension. Establishing a relationship between matter and emptiness by trying to make sense and mineral coexist and provoke emotions is essential. "