Gil ALMA & Benoît JOUBERT present: GIL & BEN (RE) UNIS

Dienstag, den 2. August 2022 um 21.30 Uhr.

Place de l'Eglise - Centre Village

Tuesday, August 2, 2022 at 9:30 p.m. ☞ "GIL & BEN (RÉ) UNIS": GIL ALMA & BENOÎT JOUBERT give you an appointment for THE show of the summer!!!
A clever mix of plays and sketches for a pure moment of humor!


Detailed description

➤ The show ( in French): On your marks...Ready ‼ Married ?
will say ❝ ❞ to live the best day of your life...
Marriage !
And to accompany him in order to prepare for this day ❝ ❞, he calls on ℕ, his childhood friend.
"Fate makes parents, choice makes friends". But ℕ, is it the right choice?
In a clever mix between play and sketches, here is & ℕ ℝé ℕ.
A frenzied rhythm, punctuated by twists and turns, you will live with them the adventures that will make this day a success! Or not...
"When love and humor are one" & ℕ come together for the best and for laughter.

To summarize :
: The cherry !
10 career years
15 films and series shot
150 dates for his for 40000 spectators
90 standing ovations by ;-)

: The cake !
14 years of career, more than40 films and series...
300 dates of his : almost 100000 spectators!
Main role in the detective series ғʀᴀɴᴄᴇ❷ ❝ ❞
A box: the series rose to 5.4 million viewers, and was placed at the top of the audience in 2021.
3 new movies in preparation...
Lead role in ❝ ❞ on ᴛғ❶ for 5years and still streaming!
At the cinema in 2021:
❝ ❞ with and
❝ ❞ ❞ with , ℙ, ℂ, …
He participates in the first series ᴅɪsɴᴇʏ﹢ᴇᴜʀᴏᴘᴇ! Translated into 17 languages. Airing in January 2022!
He regularly participates in various major cult programs on French terrestrial channels.

❝ & ℕ ❞, it's first of all an artistic and human love at first sight. All the ingredients are there for a popular show at the noblest of the term. The sympathy capital, the energy, the comic nature of are rare. He is the generosity of the southwest in its purest form! , we don't present it anymore but believe me, it will still surprise you!

❝ & ℕ ❞ Their meeting: 10 years ago on a TV movie for ғʀᴀɴᴄᴇ❸ ❝ ❞ ❞ where they played gendarmes, rugby players, homosexuals ... while in real life, they are not policemen at all!

Staging: ℂℝℕ
Music: ℂℍ
Lights: ℝ

Organized by Agil Productions, A Lulu Productions and the Moustiers-Sainte-Marie Tourist Office