"Monobass" Burlesque variations for all audiences!

Monobass - Cie Entrechocs
Monobass - Cie Entrechocs
Monobass - Cie Entrechocs

Donnerstag, den 4. August 2022 um 19 Uhr.

Place de l'Eglise

2022 Thursday 4th August at 7 pm
Church square
A puzzling show, in all languages ​​and for everyone : burlesque variations for unicycle and double bass in G major.
Free aerial circus show
For all

Detailed description

A rusty nasty weakling with fleeting pedals.
A great rosin swagger with a stealthy bow.
Pumped up, these two opportunists, well-turbined, crisscross the boards and burn their tires, always ready to stop and take you into their trajectory.
Miles on the clock, they compete in inventiveness, confronting their pole position in a roar of explosive moods!

Each his musical instrument, each his support.
The unicycle brings movement, challenge, performance, a different aesthetic. A search for balance in a permanent imbalance.
The imposing double bass, the "grandmother" of string instruments, gives the rhythm, the musicality, the harmony.

The artists :
Helmut Nunning
Maxime Bernery

Organized by the Moustiers-Ste-Marie Tourist Office & the EntreChocs Company



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