"Music in the spotlights" : Concert with "The Page"

Sandra Guadagnino Photographie
Sandra Guadagnino Photographie
Nicolas Delpierre Photo Vidéo

Mittwoch, den 24. August 2022 um 21 Uhr.

Place de l'Eglise

2022 Wednesday 24th August
9.00 pm
Church Square
Concert with "The Page"

Detailed description

Since 2011, "The Page" has been performing in Marseille and its region: Terminus, O'Bells, O'Central, Queen Victoria, Red Pepper's, Blackstone, O'Malley's, Red Lion Aubagne, La Transhumance...
Today composed of Gilles (bass), Katia (vocals), Anthony (guitar) and Cyril (drums), the group offers a varied and energetic rock repertoire such as
AC/DC, Rolling Stones, Beatles, Nirvana, Offspring, Green Day, ZZ Top, System of a Down, Black Keys, Pink, Blondie, Gossip, Bruno Mars, U2...
In all, more than a hundred legendary titles from pop to metal that we invite you to discover during our concerts!

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