"Music in the spotlights" : Crazy concert with the "Zabloks"

Les Zabloks
Les Zabloks
Les Zabloks
Les Zabloks
Les Zabloks
Les Zabloks

Montag, den 15. August 2022 von 21 Uhr bis 22.30 Uhr.

Place de l'Eglise

Monday August 15, 2022 at 9 p.m.,the 'Zabloks" land for a show full of sweet madness! A concert-show for all! To see, laugh, dance and listen with the family!

Church Square

Detailed description

The "Zabloks" is an avalanche of funny texts, costumed, frenzied and very visual stage games. The humor of "Zabloks" is spread over a slice of life and is eaten with bananas. In this brand new show,
the musicians take us on board with finesse in their whimsical universe.

The artists :

Patrik Cottet-Moine: Singer, founder, author and height (1m90).
Loud mime and Mogwai Gizmo impersonator on command after 8pm.

Pierre-Jean Scavino: Keyboards, composer, arranger.
The musical dimension of the group. The conductor, the embellisher of melody but also an insatiable and effervescent dancer.

Patrick Messina: Bassist, deep and velvety. Sensual and elegant. Patrick is to the group what the column is to the temple. The pillar.

Yannick Chavatier: Drummer, precision and speed of execution. 1st dan black belt in percussive frieze with immediate descent of toms in inverted lateral position.

Organized by the Moustiers-Ste-Marie Tourist Office in collaboration with the Cie des Zèbres



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