"Music in the spotlights" with "Karaoké Orchestar"

Karaoké Orchestar
Karaoké Orchestar
Karaoké Orchestar
Karaoké Orchestar
Karaoké Orchestar

Mittwoch, den 10. August 2022 um 21 Uhr.

Place de l'Eglise

Wednesday August 10, 2022 at 9 p.m., evening with the "Karaoke Orchestar" where it is youiii the Star! Come take the microphone and wow the gallery! Over 150 songs available!

Church Square

04 92 74 67 84
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Detailed description

They are only two, but they send the block like an orchestra!
More than 150 songs from yesterday and today revisited live so that you and your friends find your happiness, it's Live Karaoke!
No screen or teleprompter but notebooks circulating among the public.
A presenter surrounds and guides the audience to the microphone.
A crazy recovery party with surprises and guaranteed emotions!

The musicians :

Anne-Laure Carette: accordion and drums
From Disco to Rock'n'roll, its rhythms and melodies take you to the end of the night and awaken whirlwinds of madness within you. His fingers melodize as his feet hit his bass drum, snare and hi-hat. She hits, hits, hits, it's her way of loving. Ambiance professional, she has the knack for breaking the ice. So don't hesitate, take your chance before it passes!
His favorite karaoke hit: Banana Split by Lio!

Guillaume Hogan: guitar and bass
Electric guitarist with multiple effects pedals, he is the king of the blue note, the prince of jazz, the dandy of swing pop. He has a trap for girls, a taboo trap, an extra toy that cracks boom hu, the public falls to their knees.
His favorite karaoke hit: The Playboys by Jacques Dutronc!

The facilitators:

They will take your registrations and accompany you to the steps of glory! They are beautiful, they earn money but, above all, they are intelligent!

An excerpt from the menu (remember to revise ;):
On a bicycle - Yves Montand
Alexandria - Claude Francois
Another one bites the dust - Queen
Baby one more time - Britney Spears
Barbie Girl - Aqua
Need Nothing Want You - Sloane
It's you I love you - Les Inconnus
As soon as the wind blows - Renaud
Eye of the tiger - Survivor
and so many others that you will have to come on site to discover the playlist of this great evening!!!

Organized by the Moustiers-Ste-Marie Tourist Office & Ze Bourgeoiz Prod.



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