"Music in the spotlights" with "Virage"

Daleco - Album Virage

Mittwoch, den 20. Juli 2022 um 21 Uhr.

Place de L'Eglise

2022 Wednesday 20th July
9.00 pm
Church Square
Concert with "Virage"

Detailed description

"Virage" is the meeting of two artists who dance, compete and merge in a unique, hypnotic and enjoyable trance.

It's a duet that resonates like ten, that crisscrosses the meanders of sound like a child playing at building (and deconstructing), a story to sleep tall that distills in our ears a furious desire to explode.

Between John Zorn and the Motion Trio, François Castiello twists the blades of his accordion to condense 45 years of research and playing on his instrument in a stunning concert.
A soft and at the same time fat sound which comes to melt without limit in the drums of Cyril Gilibert, equilibrist drummer, jumping from blade to blade to sublimate the sound of Virage.
A sound like a story that continues: moving from blues to techno, from jazz to the poetry of Baudelaire, "Virage" takes us into its infinite, wide and free universe.

In the press
Daleco, 1st album of "Virage" (released January 28, 2022)
"Virage" actually plays a completely indefinable, exhilarating repertoire, which reminds me of The Jungle by its crazy duo formula...Trad is doped with the current, Castiello wanted it. Effects pedals and amplifiers add character and character to this breathtaking record.
"Turn" to rage, the passion attached to his sticks (drums), to his strap (accordion).
Will Dum for Muzzart

The artists :
François Castiello: accordion, vocals, compositions
Cyril Gilibert: drums, arrangements

Video presentation:

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