Night music at the Ceramics Museum with "The Grasslers"

The Grasslers
Musée Faïence_crédit photo Adrien Noat

Samstag, den 30. Juli 2022 um 21 Uhr.

Rue du Seigneur de la Clue

Saturday July 30, 2022 at 9 p.m.
Come and discover the Earthenware Museum in music for free with "The Grasslers": a spatio-temporal UFO in the hexagonal soundscape!

Detailed description

Straight out of the Var West, The GRASSLERS presents itself as a spatio-temporal UFO in the French soundscape!
Their aesthetics, at the crossroads between Tarantino and Jules Vernes and their acoustic folk music will surprise with their originality and authenticity.
Their talent, to succeed in this precious alloy between Traditional US Folk Bluegrass music and their Pop Rock covers where Sting and Curt Cobain cross without looking at the road, leaves no one indifferent and offers a total change of scenery!
If we add to this a swing that delivers energy capable of moving any “soaked ass”, you have the winning combination for a good evening!

Born in the spring of 2016 thanks to the meeting of passionate musicians, The Grasslers innovates and shakes up current musical codes.

Thanks to their personal investment and a successful crowdfunding campaign, they produced their first music video: a Tarantinesque short film, on their particularly original cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit, Nirvana's timeless hit!

To summarize :
– 5 colorful characters straight out of a late 19th century time rift
– 5 string instruments [Banjo – Mandolin – Violin – Guitar – Double bass]
– 5 powerful and warm voices
– Traditional American Bluegrass folk music
– Covers of the Anglo-Saxon Pop/Rock repertoire with Bluegrass sauce from the 70s to the present day that everyone knows (Police, The Beatles, Dépêche Mode, Nirvana…)

The protagonists :

Christophe Richard, in the role of “Johnny West”
Vocal Guitar
Son of a farmer with an incomparable talent for stealing all that glitters, he spent most of his adolescence in the gambling dens of the Var West between poker, nuggets and nuggets. His singing talents are matched only by his guitar technique, which would have made Billy The Kid himself jealous. Undeniable and undisputed leader of the band, it is with his strong character that he leads his troop in all the saloons of the region. Distinctive signs: Passionate about folk music and a seed eater.

Yvan Bouc, in the role of "Trinity Gordon"
A discreet, solitary and mysterious character, he was passionate about wild animals and felines in particular at a very young age. To imitate them, he grows sharp nails that allow him to tease his Banjo with unparalleled precision. Perfectionist to the core, he can spend whole days tuning it. His magnificent instrument and his mastery manage to shine the darkest gambling dens where he performs. Distinctive signs: Passionate about Bluegrass and a great sleeper.

Nicolas Desvignes, in the role of “El Padre”
Mandolin Backing vocals
Born of unknown parents and raised by a family of Gypsis-Mormons, he chose the mandolin very early in order to be able to play in the most improbable postures and the most cramped places. Always traveling to preach the good word, it is with his angelic smile that he discreetly bags the old women during his parents' service. This exceptional ability allows him to play accompanied by other much larger instruments and to be able to exercise his virtuosity without having his fingers travel too far. Distinctive signs: Passionate about American music and a collector of rotten cars.

Christophe Gamonet, in the role of ”Thomas Spencer”
Descendant of a rock 'n' roll Mohican father and a Sioux mother, a fan of Dolly Parton and Johny Cash, he soared to fame with his bass and harmonicas slung over his shoulder at the age of 20. ready to draw any other instrument! Always first in the most scabrous dirty tricks, his talents as a speaker and seducer allow him to always get away with it without a scratch. Distinctive signs: Passionate about world music and a great lover of Z films!

Laure Bonomo, in the role of “Bonnie Wilder”
Violin Backing vocals
Of Irish emigrant parents, this Zigane-Celte fled very early from the family caravan in order to make a reputation for herself in the most famous Saloons of the Var West. She will make her bow, her favorite weapon to rob the bourgeois who would let themselves be seduced by her charms. His innate talent for negotiation and his virtuosity will allow him to make a place for himself among the band of intrepid mercenaries of the Grasslers! Naturally rather graceful but totally indomitable, she brings her touch of femininity to the group while knowing how to impress the audience with her fast and precise playing. Distinctive signs: Arrived in the band at the end of 2017, she is passionate about softly brutal music and fond of ice cream and snow.

Organized by the Earthenware Museum



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