Night music at Ceramics Museum with "Pâte à Swing"

Pâte à Swing
Philippe Murtas Photographie
Pâte à Swing

Samstag, den 6. August 2022 um 21 Uhr.

Rue du seigneur de la Clue

Saturday August 6, 2022 at 9 p.m.
Come and discover the earthenware museum in music for free with "Pâte à Swing" for a festive and frenzied evening!

Detailed description

The members of the group (to be confirmed):

Fred Savornin: voice / guitar
Coming from a family of artists, a painter and musician father, he chose very early to follow a musical career. Admirer and influenced by Django Reinhardt and his gypsy jazz, he delights in the composition of original music and arrangements of current existing pieces.

Louis Pignoli: bass guitar
Also from a family of musicians, he knows perfectly how to rhythm syncopated melodies.

Philippe Ruiz: accordion
Playing the accordion from an early age, inspired by his masters Jo Privas, Tony Murena and Gus Viseur without forgetting Richard Galiano, he takes you on territories mixing musette, rock and jazz.

Nicolas Hostalery: lead guitar
As a teenager, against all odds, he turned to music and took jazz lessons at the IMFP in Salon de Provence. Virtuoso of the gypsy guitar that he also teaches, he flies away in improvisations known only to him...

Sebastien Wrobel: guitar
Sébastien started playing the guitar very early on as an autodidact, trying out different musical styles, mainly French chanson, reggae and rock. Over the course of musical encounters, he discovered jazz and the world of Django Reinhardt and, since then, it is around jazz and jazz/gypsy that he evolves.

Alex Roure: double bass
At the age of 20, he fell in love with the electric bass guitar and joined pop rock groups, ballroom orchestras in the south but did not seem very enthusiastic. He discovers jazz and jam sessions during his years in Paris 1996-2003 and it suits him much better... Back in the south in 2004, he decides to turn to the double bass, an instrument with which he plays today in the within Latin formations, jazz, songs and classical.

Organized by the Earthenware Museum



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