Night musik at the Ceramics Museum with "Papago"

Philippe Mutas Photographie

Samstag, den 9. Juli 2022 um 21 Uhr.

Musée de la Faïence
Rue du Seigneur de la Clue

Saturday July 9, 2022 at 9:00 p.m.
Come and discover the Earthenware Museum in music with "Papago", a Latin duo but not only!

Detailed description

"Papago" invites you to travel through a unique repertoire that will seduce a wide audience, where Latin mixes with flamenco rumba, associated with some gypsy pieces from Eastern countries, to go as far as Russia.
This fusion was born from the meeting of "Kika" (singer-guitarist) and "Sveta" (singer-guitarist-percussionist).
As a couple in life as on stage, their complicity can be seen and heard.
A beautiful musical formation to discover!

Organized by the Earthenware Museum


2€ / personne
gratuit < 16 ans.

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