Outdoor cinema : La Traversée !

La Traversée

Freitag, den 29. Juli 2022 um 21.30 Uhr.

Rue du Seigneur de la Clue

July 29th Friday 9.30 pm
Open-air cinema session in the Primary School courtyard
In French : " La Traversée"
No subtitles

Detailed description

Neighborhood educators, Alex and Stéphanie take five out-of-school teenagers to cross the Mediterranean and reintegrate them through the values ​​of the sea. But when they arrive at the port, they come across Riton, their skipper, a former BAC cop, who has left everything to flee the suburbs. These young people are his worst nightmare. Forced, they all find themselves embarked on the same boat for a fifteen-day sea trip. One thing is certain, after this Crossing, they will no longer have quite the same vision of the world...

Trailer : https://bit.ly/3HSC0tc

Organized by the Cinéma de Pays


Einheitspreis: 5 €.

5€ for all
No reservation
Go directly to the site.

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