"Zikotempo" - Musical theater for all audiences !

Cie Amuzik - ZikoTempo
Cie Amuzik - ZikoTempo
Cie Amuzik - ZikoTempo

Donnerstag, den 28. Juli 2022 um 19 Uhr.

Place de l'Eglise

Thursday July 28, 2022, at 7 pm Zik, Bruitos and Tempo invite you to save music by making instruments from recycled objects!

Detailed description

The Amuzik Company and its show "Zikotempo" is aimed at young audiences from 3 to 118 years old!

Everyone is wondering: what if our waste today were our treasures tomorrow?

In a world not so far away... ZIK, celestial tramp, lives alone in the street. Luckily, his Zikie stereo comes with him.
Hypochondriac and "addicted" to music, a little crazy, he even has tics.
He makes instruments with waste, against the will of BRUITOS, the great dictator of sound, who broadcasts his filthy melodies everywhere.
ZIK doesn't know it yet but his destiny is much bigger than he imagines...
TEMPO, sent by the Elders of the Groove, comes to announce his mission: Save Music!

Based on the principle that “everything is sound”, embark with us on a comico-sidereal musical journey!
Everything then becomes musical juggling! Recycled objects or simply those of everyday life... Even the most beautiful musical instrument: the whole body!
A text projected with a metronome, a raw aesthetic, a sustained rhythm, chiseled animations.

About the Company:

AMUZIK is a musical theater company resolutely committed to the preservation of the environment.
Music is universal, omnipresent in everyday percussive objects, but also in the recovery of our waste, which then becomes the materials that give birth to our recycled instruments used during our show.
We are committed to promoting popular education in territories "remote" from Culture, in order to get closer to audiences who are not lucky enough to have access to it.

Our ambition ?

The central objective of our project is to raise awareness among younger generations about our environmental footprint and question “how to give a second life to our trash cans”…all to music!

Firmly believing in the “music / recycling” duo, the 2 main themes of our ZIKOTEMPO show, our vocation is to participate, at our level, in the development of Culture in our Territory through our educational workshops.

What could be more rewarding than making beauty out of nothing?

A family musical show "All Public" from 3 to 118 years old that will appeal to adults just as much, with its double "reading grid" and its many musical references from the 70s ′-80s ′.
The desire to address children quickly became obvious, accompanied by a fierce duty of transmission.
What more powerful vector than humor and music to talk about our values! ZIKTOTEMPO or a clownÔburlesque reflection on “What to do with our waste”.

Our objective ? Awaken the child who lies dormant in each of us!

Recycle us!

The teaser of the show: https://vimeo.com/459675683

Organized by the Moustiers-Ste-Marie Tourist Office in collaboration with Compagnie Amuzik



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