What can we do in Moustiers-Sainte-Marie ?

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2021 will be the year for local tourism. No need for French population to cross the world to find little pradise ! there is, nested in High Provence, one of the Most Beautiful Villages of France : Moustiers-Sainte-Marie. Follow the guide… !




Why should you come to Moustiers ?

For its strategic geographical position. Imagine your stay in a Provençal Nativity Scene like village, in a fairy tale village as would say children. You can see it ? Good. Now imagine this village is 10 minutes away from the Verdon Gorges (Europe highest canyon) and its sporty activities. 10 minutes away from Sainte-Croix lake and its nautical activities. 10 minutes away from Valensole Plateau and its endless lavender, sage and sunflowers fields. You are in Moustiers-Sainte-Marie.


Wandering through olive groves

Check in. You just arrived in an untouched protected nature. There are 13 possible hikes around the village. There is an easy one, among the olive trees with a beautiful scenery of the village’s cliffs : named « les Claux », it is a 1h30 walk. Take the time to sit on a bench to admire the view and relax to the cicadas song. You can even see the Sainte-Croix lake (le lien sur le blog FR mène à une page 404 erreur). But this is your first day, you still have a lot to see.

Sunsets in Moustiers-Sainte-Marie

Sun sets beyond Valensole’s Plateau, facing Moustiers’ star. It irradiates every evening. There’s magic in the sky as the cliffs turn red, pink, orange… Like a firework, it lights up the Notre Dame Chapel. a real  spectacle for the eyes.


Moustiers-Sainte-Marie à la tombée de la nuit

Discovering the heritage

The earthenware is an ancestral art in Moustiers-Sainte-Marie. It has kept the tradition going for centuries. You will be amazed to see clay being shaped into a beautiful earthenware piece, with a pure white colour and incredible precise handmaid drawings. To learn about the different steps of creation, you can visit workshops. During Louis the 14th reign, Moustiers-Sainte-Marie’s earthenware was on every tables. It was France finest and still is to this day. To have one Moustiers’ piece at home is like time travel. Ceramists too exhibit their work in the village’s shops.



crédit photo : atelier Bondil

A culinary trip

When in Rome… you have to taste their specialities ! In our little Provençal village you won’t be disappointed by what is has to offer : lavender honey or almond biscuits, local beer with honey and thym scents, melon, honey or lavender ice creams, local charcuterie… and so much more !

Choose a quiet place, sit down an olive tree, whatch the view on Sainte-Croix’s lake and enjoy this moment to sample one of our local productes. When back from a long day walking under the sun, take a sip of Moustiers’ beer, i twill make you forget about your soreness. Read about Moustiers legends and star with your kids while enjoying a handmaid ice cream cone.


Crédit photo : BeGirl Food

Crédit photo : Saveur et Nature

Walk to one of Sainte-Croix most beautiful beach

You don’t have to take your car to enjoy the relaxing sounds of the lake. To reach this paradisiac beach, take the time to stroll into the fields down Moustiers. You will follow Maïre’s river course all the way to the lake. Keep you eyes open, it isn’t uncommon to see a deer, a fox or other animals on this path.

You will reach the lake and La Cadéno Beach after 1h30 of walk. You can relax on one of the rented sunbeds, eat a crêpes and drink a refreshing bevrage. Or you could rent a boat to padle on the calm turquoise water.

Find yourself in the heart of nature

Venascle’s Plateau is the ideal place to find oneself surrounded by nature. Le Pavillon trail can be started inside Moustiers, it then brings you to different view points. At the summit you will see Valensole’s Plateau and Sainte-Croix’s lake on one side, Chiran Mountain and Charnier Mount on the other side. These last 2 mountain go just under 2000m of altitude. Don’t do this trail without a Made in Moustiers pic-nic ! Some Moustiers biscuits and Bondil charcuterie, water from the village fountains. Take your wastes back with you, don’t spoil nature’s beauty.




Crédit photo : Philippe Murtasrandonnée dans le verdon

Cultural visits

Moustiers-Sainte-Marie has 2 Historical Monuments : Notre Dame de Beauvoir Chapel, between the 2 cliffs and Notre Dame de l’Assomption Church on the main square. In summer you can enjoy the cool inside these monuments.

The Church : it was made Historical Monument in 1913. It bell tower has a Romanesque lombard style and is one of the most beautiful of Provence. It is 22m high and made of 4 levels ; it used to move in the wind or when the bells rang. The monument were built during the 12th century.

The Chapel was built at the end of the 12th century, remplacing a 5th century temple dedicated to the Virgin Mary. It combines 2 styles : Romanesque and Gothic.


intérieur de l'église Notre Dame de l'Assomption

Crédit photo : Philippe Murtas

intérieur de la chapelle Notre-Dame de Beauvoir

Crédit photo : Philippe Murtas

To end your day, visit the earthenware museum. You will walk trhough 5 centuries of art. Each room has its own style in colour. You will see more than 300 rare quality pieces. Moustiers keeps the production flowing, some pieces more contemporary than others.

The museum is accessible to handicaped people. It also obtained Quality Tourism label.

Musée de la Faïence

crédit photo : Beboy Photography

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