Towards Sainte-Croix lake

Les berges du lac de Sainte-Croix se dessinent après seulement 4 km de marche !

This path goes back and forth between Moustiers and the bridge of Galetas, following the side of the Lake of Sainte-Croix !


L'unes des portions engazonnées entre le chemin de Quinson et le Domaine du Petit Lac

Crédit photo : ©AD04-Teddy Verneuil 

1 km down chemin de Quinson, join the GR®4 portion going towards the lake of Sainte-Croix.

Pass "Peyrengues" and cross the Domaine du Petit Lac campsite to reach « Ferme de Saint-Saturnin » and the banks of the lake, where swimming will be possible. You have been walking for approximatly 5 km at this point.

If you want to reach the Galetas bridge and enjoy a great panorama ofn the end of the Canyon, follow the signs for about 2 km.

To come back to Moustiers, take the same way back. You’ve done 7km one way, it will be the same the other way.


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