Signal Faible in concert at Mouton Noir

Signal Faible

Friday 28 June 2024.

Rue Ste-Anne

On Friday 28 June 2024, Le Mouton Noir welcomes "Signal Faible" for an intimate concert!

Detailed description

"I didn't want a solo album, I didn't want another band. I had songs. So here's Signal Faible. "
A discreet artist on the French underground scene since the end of the 20th century, Nicolas Falez has sown his own furrow with 5 albums, all acclaimed for the quality of their lyrics and the elegance of their arrangements, nourished by the sources of folk and indie pop.
Superflu and Fontaine Wallace gave him the opportunity to shape a charm and a style that his new collaborative venture, Signal Faible, deploys with the same authenticity.

Bar and snacks on site
Info / Booking on the Mouton Noir FB page:
Tel: 06 78 66 52 42

Organised by Le Mouton Noir

Refreshment bar and snacks on the spot


Prices not available.

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