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It can be interesting to focus on local tourism… learn about France, it history, heritage and know-hows. Because France is beautiful and for some of us it’s even one of the most beautiful countries in the world. We will present to you one of the most beautiful villages of France : Moustiers-Sainte-Marie.



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A local tourism for a local consumption

2020 will be the year for local tourism. The occasion for the South Est Region to visit their own territory. France is full of treasures and so are Les Alpes de Haute Provence, starting with Moustiers-Sainte-Marie, designated as one of the most beautiful villages of France in 1981. Our village is rich of history as itw as founded in the 5th century. With its craftmen and know-hows, it has a lot to offer to every one.


1st reason : an important heritage

Discover Alpes de Haute Provence specificities

To escape the hustle of town, come to Moustiers-Sainte-Marie for your next holiday. You will learn to enjoy the sun and live like a true Provençal. When the sun comes out, its beams shine softly on the clifs of the village to wake up the population peacefully. You can ear the river flowing in the village center as you wander around and look at the earthenware shop’s windows.

Under Louis the 14th, earthenware was at the King’s tables and in other wealthy houses. Nowourdays, there are 8 workshops still in activity. You can visit some and see how they operate. Craftmen have learned how to shape clay into a beautiful artwork. The finest earthenware in the world. When you pat it it sounds… it sings… 300 years of history are in this sound.


Have a look at the decors. Some are old and some are more contemporary. Drawn with perfection in a simple line of brush, they are all handmaid. Earthenware shops welcome you in their humble place, following the sanitary restricitons. Every one has his own style, his pecificity and know-how. Moustiers’s creations are all different and all beautiful. When you step in one of the shops, it’s like entering Ali Baba’s cave, with pieces everywhere. Take your time to look at everything.




2nd reason : Moustiers-Sainte-Marie, a village of ceramists

Shaping the earth

The lockdown taught us one thing : take your time and enjoy every minute of your life. Time stood still in Moustiers, but ceramists went on going, taking all the time they needed to create the best pieces they could.

objets en terre vernissée

We have been working with clay for centuries in Moustiers-Sainte-Marie and we still do, with the same patience and the same gestures. Ceramists know how to work the clay, to shape it and brin git to life trhough a new form and fonctionality. Something that will last forever in time, if we take care of it.



3d reason : souvenirs shops of a thoushand colours

With no big city around you for 100km, you may feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere in a preserved and colorful environment, surrounded by the turquoise water of Sainte-Croix’s Lake. In July, the purple colour of lavender comes to life with the yellow of the sunflowers, reminding us of Provence’s sun. You can find all of it in Moustiers-Sainte-Marie. It geographical position make it a perfect place to discover Provence in your car or riding a bike.


To take a little bit of Provence back with you, you will find souvenirs shops in Moustiers. Shops will welcome you respecting the sanitary restrictions.



4th reason : a culinary journey, meet our local producers


Moustiers-Sainte-Marie will surprise you with its culinary specialities. Almonds from Valensole, honey, goat cheese… Take the time to make a pic-nic only with local products and to live the experience fully, enjoy itw hile contemplating a beautiful panorama on the valley or under the shadow of an olive tree… What else would you need then ?



de la charcuterie locale de Moustiers

Walk around the village by Les Claux’s Hill to find the best place to enjoy a pic-nic. If you’re not afraid to go on walking, you could go by Tréguier’s path (start down the cemetery) to end your walk with a beautiful panorama above Sainte-Croix’s lake, Valensole’s Plateau and the whole valley of Moustiers. Mabe you have binoculars, take a look around you : you may see a deer jumping against the clifs of the village. And if you look up : you may be lucky and see one of the griffon vultures.

Tréguiers’s path will offer you an extraordinary landscape at the end of the day if you get in time to admire the sunset. Take this opportunity to enjoy an aperitif only made of local products : olives, Bondil charcuterie …




5th reason : all day groceries shop to satisfy your needs


Like every other shops, sanitary restrictions are in place. You will find Moustiers’s sepilities in our groceries, based in the village center or entrance. For bread and breackfast viennoiseries there is a bakery. But you also can find sandwiches, paninis, burgers and precooked meals in open or teke away restaurants !

You are craving nougat and chocolate ? You will find what you need in our local shops or during the local markets. They are waiting for you… !


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2021 will be the year for local tourism. No need for French population to cross the world to find little pradise ! there is, nested in High Provence, one of the Most Beautiful Villages of France : Moustiers-Sainte-Marie. Follow the guide… !