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Rue Marcel Provence

Beekeepers, brewers, producers, we sell 97% of our production which goes from the various honeys from Provence and processed products made from honey, gingerbread, mead, honey lemonade, beer with honey


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The Scipion family, originally from Châteauneuf les Moustiers commune, has lived since the late 1890s in the town of Moustiers. Their goal has always been to live in this beautiful village of ancestral know-how and make it evolve with the times.

This is how the great-grandfather Marius was a sheep farmer, his son Marcel, a shepherd then a shepherd of bees and a writer, the grandson Raphael, a sports educator and beekeeper, and the great grandsons, Maël, beekeeper - brewer .

They take pleasure in sharing with you the products of their productions. Their commercial motto is: "At home, 0% Coke zero, 97% local and homemade"

You can discover and taste in the store, located at the top of the village next to the rise of the Chapel, the products of the hive, honey of lavender and Provence, mead, lemonade with honey and an excellent beer with the colors of Provence, the Mouss'terrienne.

Welcome home, you will keep an atypical memory.

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Opening dates

Vom 01/04 bis 15/10/2024 von 10 Uhr bis 21 Uhr.
Reopening in April 2023.
Open every day in July and August.



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LOCAL MOUSTIERS BEER MADE WITH 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS. La bière de Moustiers (or Mouss’terrienne, its charming play-on-words name - ‘mousse’ meaning the foamy head of the beer and ‘terre’ the land that from which its primary ingredients are produced) was first made in Provence in the 1990s.