Around the village through Les Claux

⚠️ Beaware : Sainte-Madeleine grotto is fornow closed. You cannot go down the path this way. You have to turn around the way you came (by the way of the cross) and then direct yourself towards La Clappe Street.

The ideal panoramical trail to enjoy all of Moustiers-Sainte-Marie’s beauty : an iconic way to
Notre Dame de Beauvoir’s Chapel and a stroll into les Claux’s hill and its olive groves !

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Le pont du Riou, peu après la traversée de la porte fortifiée du même nom...

From Marcel Provence’s street, walk up the 262 steps to the Chapel ! throughout the way is a beautiful view above the village and part of Sainte-Croix’s lake. Once at the Chapel you can enjoy the entire panorama. On your way down, take « la grotte Saint-Madeleine » direction to reach La Clappe’s street.

Be careful, the path is rocky and narrow. Continue towards « Riou », its old gate and waterfall. End your trail on Les Claux’s hill and its olive groves.

You can reach back Moustiers’s center by le chemin du Paradou.


Crédit photos : ©AD04-Philippe Murtas [main picture] and
©AD04-Philippe Leroux [photo on the left] 

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