Randonnées moyennes & longues distances

Suggestion de 5 magnifiques itinéraires de randonnée de distances moyennes et longues à effectuer depuis le village de Moustiers

Three half-day hiking itineraries, each with a very different level of difficulty: the very accessible "Toward Sainte-Croix’s Lake", the slightly more challenging "Vincel trail" and the much more athletic "Plein Voir"
+ in addition to these 3 itineraries, two more [very] long loops requiring a long day's walk during the warm season. Only for experienced hikers: "Le Pavillon" and "L'Agra & le Montdenier"
+ three additional options, with less frequented but nevertheless very interesting routes...
→ a very nice short list of 9 medium and long hiking itineraries, starting from Moustiers or not far from the village. Passionate hikers will also enjoy the great views!


Crédit photo : ©AD04-Teddy Verneuil [for photo "Towards Sainte-Croix's lake"]

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