Voie Romaine & Vénascle Trail Running

Le chemin de Courchon (ou ancienne voie romaine) sera la cerise sur le gâteau de ce superbe parcours découverte !

The ideal discovery course for runners who wish to discover the beauty of the terrain of our village of Moustiers-Sainte-Marie!
A very playful itinerary, formed by a long climb at the beginning, a magnificent descent at the end (punctuated by a dozen turns, some of which offer splendid panoramas on the lake of Sainte-Croix!), and a variety of "relaunchings" between the two...







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Tout près du lieu-dit "En Naups", la vue s'ouvre sur le massif du Montdenier...

En Naups Trail Running

Short route accessible to all...
→ ideal course to discover the trail and Moustiers's playground ! Its profile, "all in relaunchings", will delight the novices, who will not find it too demanding if it is done at a small pace, and the hardened practitioners, who will enjoy themselves if they complete it at a more sustained pace...

En Naups Trail Running
Dans les derniers kilomètres de la montée, lorsque le sommet du Pavillon est en approche, la vue sur le lac de Sainte-Croix se dégage beaucoup plus nettement...

Le Pavillon Trail Running

An extremely playful itinerary up to the summit of the "Pavillon", the southern highest point of the Montdenier massif.
A breathtaking panorama at its highest point (with, in particular, the lake of Sainte-Croix and the plateau of Valensole on one side, and the mount Chiran and the Mourre de Chanier on the other...) and a magnificent descent to conclude, as a "cherry on the cake", by the ancient Roman way of the Courchon path !

Le Pavillon Trail Running