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Treguier botanical trail

This path is accessible to all. It starts next to Sainte Anne Chapel, on the side of the cemetery ; above Moustiers-Sainte-Marie where are the parking lots. It takes 1h30 / 2h back and forth (this time doesn’t count yours stops on the way).

Along the path are several information panels about local fauna and flora. You will walk alonside Moustiers-Sainte-Marie’s cliff before entering a small forest. Once at the end, you will be able to enjoy a magnificient panorama of the Sainte-Croix Lake and the valley it is in.



Birds you could observe

The Domestic Sparrow, the European Serin, the European Greenfrinch, the Griffon Vulture, the Golden Eagle, the Peregrine Falcon, different Warblers, the Western Bonelli Warbler, the Great Tit, the Swallow …



Faucon Pélerin Faucon Pélerin

Places where you may observe them

From the start of the hike you may see sparrows under restaurant tables or European serins squeaking in the trees. Following Moustiers cliffs you can look up to the ridge : you often can see the Griffon Vultures or Golden Eagles. Once in the forest, look into the bushes to maybe spot a chickadee. At the end of the walk look back to the cliffs, swallows may be very close.


What is the best periode to do this hike ?

To have a chance to see some of these birds (nesting and migratory), it better to do Treguier’s trail during srpingtime. Some others like the sparrow, you could see all year long. In winter you may have a chance to see the walcreeper bird. For more information on all the birds, download the sheet below ! (made by the Birds Protection League).


Hiking around Sainte-Croix’s lake

At the end of Quinson street (at the bottom of our village) you can reach the GR4 (Grande Randonnée n°4). It will bring you to the Sainte-Croix Lake if you follow its direction towards Perengues. You need 1h15 to reach the lake, 2h30 back and forth. This is an easy trail. It brings you along Domaine du Petit Lac Campsite and across Le Moulin Campsite.

You will be able to observe birds in the trees and bushes but also on the lake.

Beware : follow the yellow marking with the indication « lac de Sainte-Croix ». On the opposite direction it brings you towards La Palud and the Verdon Gorges.



Cincle Plongeur au lac de Sainte Croix Cincle Plongeur

Birds you could observe

European Greenfrinch, European serins, Great spotted woodpecker, Eurasian nuthatch, Chickadees, Cetti's warbler, Short-toed treecreeper, Eurasian hoopoe, Common pochard, Little grebe, Common kingfisher, White-throated dipper, European goldfinch, Black woodpecker, European green woodpecker.



Mésange Huppée Mésange Huppée

Places where you may observe them

At the beggining of the trail you have an open panorama and the possiblity to see Griffon Vultures flighing above the Moustiers-Sainte-Marie. The more you walk, the more you are surrounded by trees. They are the ideal hidden places for European green woodpeckers and song truches.

Listen, you may ear the European Crested Tit as well as the Long-tailed Tit and the Robin.
Alongside Maïre river Cetti’s Warbler and the Common Kingfisher come to rest on the bank. Keep your eyes open !

Once you’ve reached the lake, some birds are more aclimated to the water : the Grey wagtail, the Great crested grebe or the White-throated dipper.


What is the best periode to do this hike ?


It is during winter that you will have the best chance to see arboreal birdsin the naked trees. It’s also at this season that the Water Pipit on the banks of the lake. During Springtime and Fall, migratory birds can be seen.

For more information on all the birds, download the sheet below ! (made by the Birds Protection League).


Venascle Plateau and its birds

Above Moustiers-Sainte-Marie there are highlands less famous than Valensole, where lavender grows. Outside of Moustiers-Sainte-Marie take Riez’s direction. Once you’ve pased the bends and have reached the Plateau, go right : direction Vénascle.

You will drive on a small rural road for 15 minutes before reaching Venascle hamlet. Park your car on Les Plaines Parking.


Linotte Melodieuse Linotte Melodieuse

Birds you could observe

Northern wheatear, Red-backed shrike, Common linnet, European stonechat, Warblers, Rock bunting, Eurasian skylark, Red-billed chough, Tawny pipit, Common chaffinch, Griffon Vultures, Golden Eagles.


Places where you may observe them


When on les Plaines Parking, look up. Bushes and small trees are birds hidden and living places. On the cliffs sides Griffon Vultures are hovering. Keep on looking, you might see a western jackdaw.


chardonneret élégant chardonneret élégant

What is the best periode to go to Venascle ?

Fall and Winter are the best seasons to observe sedentary and over-wintering species like the European goldfinch, Mistle thrush, Fieldfare, European greenfinch.


LPO Birds Protection League

The regional LPO, with its naturalistic knowledge works to bring nature to the fore, helps other community to promote biodiversity actions and ecological management in the means to protect and preserve birds species for future generations.


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